Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (DRI) Lexicon - Introduction


The DRI Lexicon has been developed by the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) through the efforts of the following individuals / institutions:


DRI Lexicon Project Expert Panel (in alphabetical order):

  1. Allan Lavell, Research Coordinator, Latin American Social Science Faculty-FLACSO, The Network for the Social Study of Disaster Prevention in Latin America-LA RED- and the Risk Nexus, Costa Rica.
  2. Amir Bazaz, Associate Dean - School of Environment and Sustainability; School of Systems and Infrastructure, Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS), India.
  3. Cassidy Johnson, Professor, The Bartlett Development Planning Unit (DPU), University College London (UCL), London, United Kingdom (UK).
  4. Chandni Singh, Senior Research Consultant – Practice, Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS), India.
  5. Deepa Srinivasan, Founder and President of Vision Planning and Consulting (VPC), United States of America (USA).
  6. John Dora, Director, Climate Sense, UK.
  7. Ilan Noy, Professor of Economics, Wellington School of Business and Government, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.
  8. Marjorie Greene, (Retired) Special Projects Manager at Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI), USA.
  9. Patrick Lambe, Partner, Straits Knowledge, Singapore.
  10. Yael Padan, Independent Researcher, UK.
Project Advisory Committee (in alphabetical order):
  1. Amit Prothi, Director General, Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure, India.
  2. Belinda Hewitt, Senior Disaster Risk Management Specialist, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management Division, Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department, Asian Development Bank.
  3. Deepak Singh, Lead Disaster Risk Management Specialist, The World Bank.
  4. Dinakar Radhakrishnan, Senior Programme Manager, Cooperation Section, Delegation of the European Union to India and Bhutan, India.
  5. Helen Ng, Consultant - Resilient Infrastructure and Financing, United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, Switzerland.
  6. Ila Patnaik, Aditya Birla Group, India.
  7. Kamal Kishore, Member Secretary, National Disaster Management Authority, Government of India, India.
  8. Maria Kristine Manalo, Consultant, Asian Development Bank, Philippines.
  9. Marjorie Greene, (Retired) Special Projects Manager at Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, USA.
  10. Ravi Sinha, Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay, India.
  11. Satoru Nishikawa, Professor, Disaster Mitigation Research Center, Nagoya University, Japan.
Global Consultation on DRI Lexicon (in alphabetical order):
  1. Abhinav Walia, Program Advisor – Disaster Resilience, USAID Support for CDRI, Miyamoto International, India.
  2. Alexander Ferworn, Professor, Department of Computer Science, Toronto Metropolitan University, Canada.
  3. Ara Nazinyan, Expert, ARNAP, Armenia.
  4. Baki OZTURK, Professor of Civil Engineering, Hacettepe University, Turkey.
  5. Chris Zielinski, Lead Partnerships in Health Information programme, University of Winchester, UK.
  6. Debbra Johnson, Sole Proprietor, Debbra A.K. Johnson, LLC, USA.
  7. Dexter Lo, Vice President, Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan, Philippines.
  8. Ernesto Rodriguez, Adaptation and Resilience Consultant, Carbon Consult Group (CCG Inc.), Canada.
  9. Jeswynn Yogaratnam, Principal Policy Officer, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Australia.
  10. Josef Leitmann, Lead Disaster Risk Management Specialist (Retired), The World Bank, USA.
  11. Juan Carlos Sanchez, International Consultant, Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Mexico.
  12. Juan-Pablo Sarmiento, Professor, Florida International University, USA.
  13. Kanaka NageswaraRao Arerapu, Architect, Studeo Architects, India.
  14. Mangalasseril Mohammad Anees, Lead Researcher, USAID Support for CDRI, Miyamoto International, India.
  15. Md Faruque Biswas, Knowledge Management Specialist (Climate Change), Local Government Engineering Department (LGED), Bangladesh.
  16. Mitchell Berge, Public Health Practitioner, USA (private capacity).
  17. Mohammad Iqbal Zaffar Ansari, Jt. Chief Controller of Explosives, Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation, India.
  18. Nikhil Raj, MEL Specialist, USAID Support for CDRI, Miyamoto International, India.
  19. Omar-Dario Cardona, Professor Titular, IDEA, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Columbia.
  20. Peter Williams, Chair at ARISE-US, USA.
  21. Rajendra Singh, Senior Digital Development Specialist, The World Bank, USA.
  22. Rave Aulakh, Project Director, USAID Support for CDRI, Miyamoto International, India.
  23. Tezeswi Tadepalli, Associate Professor, National Institute of Technology Warangal, India.
  24. Viktoria Mohos Naray, DRR expert, United Nations Development Programme, Switzerland.
CDRI Secretariat (in alphabetical order):


Technical Team
  1. Amrutha Balan, Young Professional
  2. Arighna Mitra, Young Professional
  3. Geetika Singh, Senior Specialist – Publications
  4. Mohammad Arifuzzaman (Intern from DPU, UCL from January 2022 to April 2022)
  5. Mona Chhabra Anand, Director, Research and Knowledge Management (RKM)
  6. Neha Bhatia, Senior Specialist – Knowledge Management
  7. Pranjal Chavanke, Young Professional (till January 2022)
  8. Sarga G.S., Young Professional
  9. Vallary Gupta, Young Professional (till January 2022)
  10. Vinshi Raj, Young Professional
Support Team
  1. Amarnath Shukla, Senior Specialist – IT
  2. Pawan Kumar Umrao, Analyst – IT
  3. Rohit Rawat, Executive Assistant – IT