Infrastructure maintenance

Maintenance is a cycle of activities designed and undertaken to preserve the optimal functioning of infrastructure, including in adverse conditions. It is a necessary precondition for the preservation of its operational capability, and to guarantee service continuity.


1. See also "Robustness".

2. Maintenance includes regular inspection (planned and unplanned), which is vital to an understanding of the condition and performance of the infrastructure, and to determine the need for downgrading. See also "Downgraded infrastructure".

3. Maintenance of infrastructure accounts for over 70% of total costs including building costs, and the lack of this is a major cause of non-resilient infrastructure. This requires budgetary allocations commensurate with the need for maintenance, which is not included in many cases.


Modified from ISO 9001 7.1.3 Infrastructure




Morbi Bridge Collapse in Gujarat, India (2022)

The Jhulto Pul, a 230m pedestrian suspension bridge spanning the Machchhu River in the Morbi district of Gujarat, India, suffered a catastrophic collapse on 30 October, 2022, killing over 135 individuals and injuring over 180 more. Built in the 1880s, the bridge was owned by the Morbi Municipality and had undergone repairs for six months prior to its reopening on 26 October 2022. Investigations revealed that the bridge was reopened prematurely without the required fitness certification from local authorities. Forensic reports indicate that the cause of collapse was due to a combination of factors, including the bridge's rusted cables, broken anchors, and loose bolts connecting cables to the anchors, together with the weight of the new heavy flooring. At the time of the collapse, the bridge was loaded well over its rated capacity, with an estimated 500 individuals present.



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