Local infrastructure

Facilities at the local level, including water, drainage and sanitation networks, road, river and rail networks, bridges, health, and education facilities, as well as other local facilities services to individuals, households, communities, and businesses in their current locations.


1. Refers to infrastructure service delivery at local and/or sub-national scale.

2. See also "Community infrastructure".


Modified from Maskrey, A., Jain, G., Lavell, A. (2021). “The Social Construction of Systemic Risk: Towards an Actionable Framework for Risk Governance”. United Nations Development Programme, Discussion Paper.


Cloudburst management system, Copenhagen

Denmark’s capital city Copenhagen is vulnerable to flooding, sea level rise and extreme rainfall events. Recent modelling by some researchers projects a sea level rise of 1m in the next 100 years. As such, the city has a high risk of stormwater flooding and damage to infrastructure services.

During July 2011, the city witnessed 50mm precipitation within 30 minutes. This is well beyond the definition of extreme rainfall event given by the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), which is 15mm precipitation within 30 minutes. This led to the development of a cloudburst management plan for implementing mitigation and adaptation to build resilience for future extreme events.

A climate adaptation plan, designed for 20 years, was developed to map a holistic approach. The city, divided into 26 local water catchment areas of 10 sq. km each, was assessed based on risk, implementation potential and coherence with the urban development plan. This helped identify prioritizing measures. Blue-green infrastructure measures were adopted to address the insufficient conventional piped system. These adaptable and interactive solutions help store stormwater and drain excess water into waterbodies, effectively addressing flood risks.


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